My new Jimdo-Page

My name is Sierra Comer. I am not really from any one place. My father is in the Army so I have been migrating my whole life. I have lived in only one other country but several different states here in the United States.  I am a crazy mixture of ethnicities. I am Filipina, Me-Wuk, Objibue, English, Irish, German and French. My caucasian side of the family came to the United States in the first wave of migrants to Jamestowne. My grandmother is full blooded Sierra Me-Wuk and is from California in the Yosemite area. My grandfather has passed on and is from the Phillipines. I do not know much behind his migration to the United States beyond how he met my grandmother. They were both working for a wealthy caucasian family in San Francisco. So maybe he was in one of those domestic worker programs.Anyways, hope you enjoy my page!<3