Family Migration Artifact

Orphaned Tribal Members

        I am Me-Wuk, Filipina and Irish. I do not know much as far as my Irish heritage or Filipina heritage go but I know a little about my Me-Wuk part. My grandmother was taken from her tribe when she was very young and enrolled in Catholic school. She was beaten if she spoke her native language. Her being at Catholic school was the reason that she missed the census that causes you to be recognized by the tribe. Even though we are descendants of Chief Hunter we still go unrecognized by our own tribe. Me-Wuk fall into three seperate tribes the Sierra, Coastal and Plains Me-Wuk. We happen to be Sierra.

     My grandmother eventually was given to a White family to be a maid where she met my Filipino grandfather who was working as a driver. She subsequently lost much of her Me-Wuk heritage but remained true to the Native American culture as a whole, participating in the Longest Walk and Native American civil rights. Even though we are unrecognized by our tribe many members of my family are active on the Vallejo Inter-tribal Council. I was given this shawl to commemorate my graduation from high school by the Inter-tribal Council. So, while we are unwelcome by our own blood other tribes have taken us in with welcoming arms. My father was adopted so I may never know anything about my Irish heritage.