Migrants in the City



   Vietnamese culture collides with the US in the largest Asian market in the state. Mekong Plaza is humongous and you can find a large population of all different Asian-Americans at any time of the day. But do not discount Americans' curiosity; they too come to enjoy the food and culture of Asia. Though the stores are mainly Vietnamese-based the market draws people from all backgruonds to come and enjoy their restaurants as well as the humongous grocery store. Though the store has common American items, it is mostly dedicated to the items that remind Asian-Americans of home. Japanese candy, fruits and vegetables only found in Asian countries, as well as a wide variety of noodles can be seen as you walk through the aisles of this gargantuan grocery store.

     I myself, have always loved Pho, a vietnamese soup meal. It is one of the things I love most and until they opened Mekong Plaza I was forced to enjoy it at Miss Saigon in Tucson. UnPHOgettable with it's funny play on words serves up delicious Pho daily and I was would really recommend it.  You can get it to go or even eat there. A Korean woman I spoke to outside the restaurant said "it just makes me feel more welcome and at home." I did not really understand much what she said besides that. Mekong Plaza is a great example of Asian cultures colliding with US ones. If you would like to enjoy this amazing market it is located on Dobson Road and Main Street in Mesa.